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Fashion Season in Canada

Of all the countries on Earth, Canada is the second largest with an area of approximately 10 million square kilometers or 3.9 million square miles. The Arctic ocean is located to its north, the Pacific ocean in the west, and the Atlantic ocean in the east. Due to its geographical position, Canada has 4 different seasons which are summer, winter, spring, and autumn or fall.

Because of the different seasons, people will have to adjust to the difference in temperatures. One way of adaptation to the different seasons in a country, just like Canada, is thru clothing. In summer, the temperature is elevated therefore one way of adjusting to the heat is by wearing tank tops and shorts. However, if it is winter, the temperature is sunken which means people will have to wear thick pieces of clothing and cover as much skin as they can. There is an appropriate outfit to be worn in every season and this is where the different fashion trends in Canada come in.

For a country just like the Philippines which only has 2 seasons, which are summer and rainy season, it definitely has a lot of fashion statements and trends. What more a country which has 4 seasons and is as big as Canada? For summer, people will probably want to wear something comfortable to compensate with the increased temperature. Pieces of clothing such as tank tops, comfortable round neck shirts, shorts and a pair of sneakers or sandals are the must haves in summer. Since fashion is the topic, people are going to want to be in style so, you can add sunnies, bracelets, necklaces, and even hats to the list of must haves in summer.

Winter is the coldest season in Canada which means people are going to want to keep their bodies warm by wearing thick clothes and covering as much skin as they can. For a season like this, jacket is definitely a must, and it must be thick and stylish, of course. Since people’s tops are going to be covered anyway, any thick shirt will do. But if they want to be magis about it, they can wear anything stylish and unzip their jackets to show off their tops fashionably. Lastly, wearing scarves doesn’t only help keep one’s body warm, but it also adds to a person’s style.

For the transition seasons, which are the spring and autumn or fall season, the temperature will not be as hot as summer and not as cool as winter so anything comfortable is great. This is probably the season with vast style and fashion trends as people are free to wear anything they please. One can even combine summer and winter outfits for a transition season. For example, a long floral dress, the type females would wear in summer, combined with a pair black leather boots, something to be worn in the winter. This is when people’s creativity are tested and showed, and since their outfits are going to be unique, their confidence will also be put on the line.

Imagine seeing someone wearing a beach outfit in the winter, funny right? It does not only look odd but it is also harmful to the body. As stated in the second paragraph, there is an appropriate outfit to be worn in every season, and people are going to want to be unique but at the same time, appropriate.

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